Adult Faith Formation


Using the ALPHA DVD series, narrated by Nicky Gumbel, we explore a variety of issues of faith in our lives and in our world. Our discussions are non-denominational, without judgement, and open to all who wish to share their faith and grow closer to Jesus. We invite the ‘unchurched’ and/or ‘nones’ to join us.

Presently Meeting - Monthly in the evening for 1 ½ hours, Thursday 7-8:30pm

Contact: Carol DeMangin 631-821-7932,  e-mail : Robert Heslar: 


CARITAS (Christians Against Racism in the Apostolic Spirit) was formed to promote the message of inclusion and acceptance for all. Many of us were concerned about the resurgence of hate groups in our society that would seek to attack and belittle people from other countries, those of different creeds, and people of other races.

Fr. Ron Richardson is our Spiritual Director. He leads us each meeting in a Lectio Divina format.  We read the Gospel for the coming Sunday and reflect on it and share our inspirations.

We then discuss various reading on the topic of racism and plan educational and spiritual events for our parishioners.  We conclude our meetings by returning to the Gospel for a final reading and reflection and see how it applies to our project.

Last year we presented a Seminar on the theme of THE SHADOW OF HATE which traced many “different” -Jewish people, Chinese, Japanese, Catholics, and blacks. We also joined with Christ Church in Coram to expand our perspectives.

Meets first and third Wednesday of the month 10-11:30 am, at the Parish Center from September through the middle of June.


Contact: Mr. John J McNamara 631-744-2609 ext. 2 e-mail:

Catholic Ministries Appeal

The bishop’s annual appeal is the diocesan campaign to raise monies for the ministries for which the Bishop is responsible, i.e. prison ministry, hospital ministry, seminary training, Catholic Charities and others.  Our Parish works each year to raise its goal which is set by the diocese.

Persons are needed to help with the accounting on Saturdays and Sundays after the Masses for several weekends.

Contact: Sr. Phylis O’Dowd 631-821-0872 e-mail:

Church Cleaners

Our privilege is to work together to keep our place of worship clean, neat and prayerful.

To this end, we dust “high” and “low”; we keep our Holy Water fountains clean; we straighten our prayer books.

In the sacristy, we replenish the hosts to be consecrated; we keep the wine/water cruet clean; we straighten and wash the altar servers’ robes at home; we clean our candle stands. Altar linens are done at home so you don’t have to come to church to help.

We assist in Church and altar decorations for special feast days.

Meet Monday mornings about 10:00

Contact: Loretta Mignone 631-205-1051


The Hospitality Ministry helps to bring our congregation together after the Sunday 10:00am. Mass.  This is a wonderful opportunity for friends and families to volunteer together.

This ministry serves bagels, pastries, coffee and refreshments for everyone to enjoy.  The volunteer’s set-up, serve, and clean up before Mass. All volunteers, individual or families are welcome to join!

Volunteers are asked to serve once a month; sometimes it is less frequent.

Contact:  Ann Marie and Jim Beagan  631-744-3734 e-mail


Altar Servers

Children from Fourth Grade through High school are invited and encouraged to serve Mass on Sundays. After a period of training, all altar servers are given a schedule of Masses every 10 weeks telling them which Masses they have to serve.

Contact: Sr. Phylis 631-821-0872 e-mail:


Liturgy is an act of worship offered to God, and it is God’s work among us.  It is directed to God, yet it involves human interaction as the medium both of worship and of sanctification. There is much work “behind the scenes” to make Mass a meaningful experience. This committee tries to make Mass meaningful. Got ideas? Come to a meeting.

MEET-First Monday of the Month 7:00pm. Room #6

Contact: Sr Mary Schoberg 631-744-2609 ext. 4, e-mail:

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

As an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, you are privileged to share the blessed gifts of the Body and Blood of Jesus with fellow worshipers attending Mass. In addition, you are blessed to be able to bring Communion to the homebound or hospitalized.  The people visited are so appreciative.  In some cases, you may be the only visitor during the week and they look forward to your arrival.  It is a very rewarding ministry.  Serving God in this ministry is an excellent way to show gratitude for the many blessings we have received in life.

Training is given by the diocese on Saturdays in the fall and spring, 9:00-1:00, at a parish in Suffolk County for those who are new to this ministry.  You are scheduled and commit to serving at Masses you are able to attend, wearing appropriate attire and arrive 10 minutes ahead of time.  You may also choose to bring Communion to the homebound.  Occasional parish meetings are held where we gather to share and grow in our faith and ministry.

Contact: Sr Mary Schoberg 631-744-2906 ext. 4 e-mail:


If you enjoy reading to children, you’ll enjoy this ministry!

Our parish lectors proclaim the readings of the Word of God at our weekend, holyday, and special seasonal Masses.  Training is provided by the diocese and the parish.  A schedule is typically sent by e-mail.

Expectations:  Come 15 minutes before Mass; wear appropriate attire at Mass; attend assigned Masses as scheduled; attend occasional meetings.

Contact: Chris Weilandics 631-696-5013, e-mail :


Parish Ushers (ministers of hospitality) provide a warm and cheerful welcome to parishioners as they arrive for weekend and holyday Masses.  Ushers provide assistance in seating parishioners, taking up of the offertory collection as well as directing parishioners at Communion time.  Ushers also hand out the Parish Bulletin after Masses.  The parish can always use more ushers.

Expectations:  Wear appropriate attire at Mass and other liturgical events; attend assigned Masses with reasonable regularity; attend occasional meetings; assist in any emergency arising during Mass or other special event.

Meet 15 minutes before Mass times

Contact Sal LaLima  631-821-0082 e-mail:


Adult Choir

We sing first, third and fourth Sundays at 12:00 Mass. Two concerts per year: before Christmas and Palm Sunday. Thursday night: pray Sunday readings and practice hymns for the upcoming weekend.

Meets- Thursday 7:00pm.  Rehearsal starts at 7:30

Contact: Greg Wilson 516-318-2886 e-mail

Bell Choir

If you can count to 4 and hold a crayon… You can play the BELLS. Masses and rehearsals TBA.  We need to get enough members to play.

Meets- TBA

Contact: Greg Wilson 516-318-2886 e-mail

Children’s choir

Third grade and up. Children’s choir sings at the Christmas Pageant each year.

Children’s choir sings First Sunday of the month 10:00am Mass

                         Second Sunday of the month at 12:00pm Mass

Rehearse Thursday Evenings 6-7:00pm. Bring a friend.

Contact: Greg Wilson 516-318-2886 e-mail :

Folk Group

St. Anthony’s Folk Group is made up of St. Anthony’s parishioners – older, younger, in-between – who enjoy music and singing.   We also enjoy laughing and having fun!  Our music can become animated and involves “audience participation”.  In addition to keyboard, we also include guitars, tambourine and any other instruments a member desires to use.

We are a tight-knit group and consider ourselves a family.  We always look forward to meeting new people who might want to give our group a try.  The only requirement is that a member must enjoy music – singing or playing an instrument.  Everyone in the group realizes that we are blessed by God with the musical talents we have been given, and we use these talents to make the Mass experience the most meaningful that it can be for the parishioners.

Please consider joining us a few times to see if the Folk Group might be something you could enjoy.  We are sometimes told that we seem to be having too much fun when singing.  You can never have too much fun when praising God, and this is our way of thanking Him for all he has done for us.  Come join the fun!

We rehearse at 9:00am on Sunday mornings, before the 10:00 Mass.

Contact: Kathy Short e-mail:

 Saint Anthony’s Praise

High School and beyond! Older children’s choir members move up into S.A.P. when ready, around 7th grade. 

Rehearsal 1 ½ hours before Mass time.

            First Sunday of the month -8:30 for the 10:00 mass

          Second Sunday of the month 10:30 for the 12:00 mass

Contact: Greg Wilson 516-318-2886 e-mail

Operation Veronica

We send handmade goods, toiletries, and anything our troops may need when they are on active duty.  We aim to reach more of our troops with what we can provide.

Meet Friday mornings 10:00-12:00.

Contact: Janet Godfrey 631-929-4705, 631-880-8750 e-mail:

Outreach (St. Anthony’s Bread)


Members of our Lazarus Ministry meet with families who are preparing the Rite of Christian Burial for their loved one and they assist them in selecting the reading and music for the liturgy in the context of the faith and beliefs of the deceased person. They extend the support and love to the grieving family on behalf of our parish community.

Meet with family members as needed

Contact: Susan Paulson 631-821-9450 e-mail :

Manna Ministry

Would you like to help St. Anthony’s Bread (Outreach) continue to provide support to our community in Rocky Point?  Please join our ministry.  It’s easy! All you have to do is bake 2 loaves of bread once a month to be sold after Mass and the profits will go to support this wonderful outreach program.  Any kind of bread is welcome!  Bread from mixes, bread machines, Grandma’s favorite recipe, etc.  Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Teenagers and Children of all ages please support us with your delicious donations!

We meet once a month, Wednesday, 10:30 am to pray and organize.

Contact: Kathy McNamara 631-821-1284 e-mail:

Meals on Wheels

Those persons 60 years and older who are considered eligible will receive a noon day meal delivered to them Monday through Friday. This program is sponsored through the Office of the Aging and St. Anthony’s Outreach supplies the volunteer drivers for residents of Rocky Point.

Substitute Drivers are needed.

Contact: Susan Paulson 631-821-9450 e-mail :

Ministry of Praise

This is a spiritual ministry open to all parishioners, but especially the elderly and disabled who wish to pray for the intentions of the parish family.  Prayers are offered for the world, the church and in particular for needs of our own parish family.

No meetings-intentions sent to the minister’s home.

Contact: Susan Paulson 631-821-9450 e-mail :

Pastoral Council

Parishioners are invited to contribute ideas on how to implement our mission, bringing the good news of our salvation to those within our parish boundaries, through living out of our mission statement.

Meetings are generally on the 2nd Monday, 7:00-8:00pm

Contact: Sr. Mary Schoberg  631-744-2609 ext. 4 e-mail:

Prayer Group

The Prayer Group meets every Wednesday in Church 7:00-8:00pm.  Parishioners are invited and encouraged to pray for each other’s needs and intentions in a prayerful and charismatic atmosphere in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Contact: Rose Ginley 631-744-2609 ext. 0

Prayer Shawl

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a group of ladies who produce prayer shawls and blankets to donate to ill and needy person and various organizations in our community. The prayer shawls and blankets have all been blessed and bring God’s love and comfort to their recipients. The blankets are made by joining together eight-inch crocheted squares.  The squares are made and donated by other parishioners.  These parishioners are the backbone of the Pray Shawl Ministry.

Meet- every Third Monday , 10-12:00pm. Room #6

Contact: Irene Stellato 631-7509 e-mail

Respect Life Committee

The Respect Life group meets the 4th Wednesday in Church at 3:00pm to pray the rosary.  Parishioners are invited and encouraged to pray for each other’s needs and intentions in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. The group is also responsible for alerting the parishioners through the bulletin of pro-life issues and events.

Contact: Sr. Mary Schoberg  631-744-2609 ext. 4 e-mail:

Sacramental Preparation

Baptism Greeters

Greeters meet the families of the child to be baptized and help them throughout the ceremony.  Although this is a happy time, parents are sometimes anxious “to do it right.”

Baptisms are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  Greeters usually serve once every two months. They are asked to come at 1:00 to prepare the space for the Baptisms which begin at 1:30.  Present greeters train new ones.

Contact: Sr. Mary Schoberg 631-744-2609 ext. 4 e-mail:

 Baptism Preparation for Parents of First Child

Parents of first children are asked to attend a baptism instruction session before having their child baptized.  Couples practicing their faith facilitate these sessions.  They welcome the new parents and discuss with them the importance of baptizing and raising their children as Catholics.  A video of the Baptismal Ceremony is shown.

Meetings are held the first Sunday of each month beginning at 11:15 and run to about 12:30. Facilitators are scheduled and minister two or three times a year.  Training is provided.

Sit in on a session to see if it’s a fit for you.

Contact: Sr. Mary Schoberg 631-744-2609 ext. 4 e-mail:


We are a fun-loving and faith-filled group of 9 happily married couples from 10to 42 years!  There are 2 Saturday sessions a year presented in February and October.  Each session starts at 8:30am and ends with the beautiful 5pm Mass.  Briefly, here’s what you will be asked to do.  There are 6 topics that two to three team couples share about their own life experiences at each session.  A host couple will take care of all the food for the day which includes breakfast, snacks and lunch!  You can attend a session to see if this is a good fit for you and if it is, come on board and join our ministry!  It will be such a rewarding experience for you as a married couple in more ways than one!

Contact: Pocky & Mary Anne McCarrick 631-834-0928 e-mail:

RCIA – Becoming Catholic

To be a welcoming community sponsors, catechists and hospitality ministers are desirable.  Qualifications:  a fully initiated Catholic interested in accompanying persons desiring to become members of the Church; a basic knowledge of what we believe, our liturgical life, our morality, and prayer – you don’t have to know all the answers, you just share your faith, hope and love; a flexible schedule is helpful as we work toward initiating persons into our way of life by joining the community in its various works of charity.

Contact: Sr. Mary Schoberg 631-744-2609 ext. 4 e-mail:

St. Anthony’s CYO

St. Anthony’s CYO program presents the children of our parish with programs: in the spring, baseball, ages 4-14, track, ages 4-14; in the fall, soccer, ages 3-14, track, ages 4-14, travel basketball, tryouts required; and in the winter, basketball, ages 7-14.  All of our programs are open to boys and girls. Times vary based on sport, mostly weekends.

Registration is $85.00.  All dates and information can be found on our website:  The director and coordinators can be emailed through our website.

Looking for volunteers to coach and help run all sports programs

Contact: Mike Gasparini

Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop is run by dedicated volunteers.  Our first priority are the needy.  We also lend a sympathetic ear and, of course, we have great treasures and give great buys.  Our hours are 10:00am-3:00pm, Monday through Saturday except holidays and holydays.

Contact: Josie Romano 631-744-8834

Personal Enrichment Activities

Adult Faith Formation

We offer many ways for adults to grow in their understanding of the Catholic faith. Mr. John McNamara offers classes and Sr. Mary has classes as well.

Meets-Tuesday 10-11:30am. September to middle of June

            First: Tuesday- of the month, group studies Book of Psalms.

Other Tuesdays- they study various topics that are determined by the group. Currently they are taking a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land vis DVD with Fr. Donald Senior as the guide and Mr. McNamara as the facilitator.

Monday Evening 8-9:00pm.- Bible Study at St. Mark’s in Shoreham. This group is currently studying THE SECOND LETTER OF PETER.

            Second Wednesday of the month  9:30-11:30am.-St. Marks in Shoreham there is an Ecumenical Bible Study group. This group is facilitated by Rabbi Michael Rascoe from Riverhead and Mr. McNamara. This group is currently studying the BOOK OF PSALMS.

            Thursday -10-11:30am.-St.Louis de Montfort Church in Sound Beach there is a group called The Roundtable which studies various topics of the Catholic faith. This group is currently studying about MARY MAGDALENE.


Contact: Mr. John J McNamara 631-744-2609 ext2 e-mail:

            Monday 11:00am-12:30pm, Room 7 or Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm, Room 3 – St. Anthony’s, a Bible Study.  Beginning March 18th and 20th, 2019 we will be studying Wisdom; 8 sessions presented by Jeff Cavins and Thomas Smith using Ascension Press DVD’s and workbook. The meeting is facilitated by Sr. Mary Schoberg.

Contact: Sr. Mary Schoberg 631-744-2609 ext. 4 e-mail:

Bereavement Support Group

Experience has shown that participation in small group sessions in which people share and learn with others is a way of coping with the death of a loved one. The grieving person is enabled within the group to express their feelings of sorrow and seek ways of coping with the loss of their loved one.

Meeting: 8 weeks- Tuesday mornings 10-11:30 am

Contact: Susan Paulson 631-821-9450 e-mail

Religious Education

Religious Education assists parents by giving to their children formal instruction in the Catholic Faith.  Classes for Grades 1 through 9 are held in the Parish Center Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the school year.  The teachers are volunteer parishioners who wish to share their faith by instructing young Catholics in the basic truths of our religion.  In addition to classroom instruction we encourage participation in Sunday liturgy.  Our program follows the Rocky Point School District Calendar.  First Communion is held on Saturday in May, with First Penance taking place during Lent prior to First Communion.  Confirmation is held in the Fall of 9th Grade, for which preparation is held in 7th and 8th Grades. The total number of students enrolled in the Religious Education Program is around 850.

Information regarding classes may be found on the website under the heading Religious Education.

Contact: Sr. Phylis O’Dowd 631-821-0872 e-mail:

St. Anthony’s Bread

As a Church in the true meaning based on Scripture, with Jesus as our model, we willingly “suffer with” the hurt, pained and broken.

The “Bread” (outreach) feeds, shelters, clothes and assists those in need. Listens at the side of the suffering of the economically poor and poor in spirit right here in the community. If possible, it brings about change so that individuals are no longer dependent on Church or state assistance.

Contact: Susan Paulson 631-821-9450

St. Anthony’s Men’s Reflection Group

A group of men comes together to break open and share the Word of God with each other, to discuss ways it relates and applies to our lives.  We support one another in our walk of faith, pray for each other and pray for other needs as we are called.

We commit ourselves to the group on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month, 7:00-8:30pm, at St. Anthony’s.

Contact: Chris Weilandics 631-484-9394 e-mail :

St. Anthony’s Small Friars Preschool

Our preschool has been proud to serve the children of Rocky Point and our surrounding communities for the past 38 years.

The preschool opened in 1980 with a dedication to teaching our children a special love of Jesus and of learning.

The name “Small Friars” was adopted to honor our own St. Anthony who was himself a Friar.

We are proud to say that our school has an excellent reputation within our community for preparing our students for Kindergarten.

With our loving and dedicated staff of teachers our Small Friars learn while they pray, play and share together in a safe and joyful atmosphere.

For class availability, please contact the preschool.

Contact: Anne Tascarella 631-821-1912 email:

Secular Franciscan Order

The SFO is an association of lay people, married or unmarried, living as a community committed to witnessing the Gospel of Christ in our lives.  Together, in the name of St. Francis of Assisi, and in communion with Jesus Christ we gather as a Franciscan spiritual group to talk about the gospel, pray the rosary, and share a Franciscan reading, praying as our means of seeking God’s grace.

Formation consists of one-year initial formation and two years of on-going formation in preparation for permanent profession into the Secular Franciscan Order.

Contact: Peter D’Amato 631-331-7680, Robert Heslar

 Youth Ministry


Contact: Greg Wilson 516-318-2886 e-mail