Liturgy Committee

The role of the liturgy committee is to evaluate liturgical practice, but particularly to serve as a liaison between liturgical celebrations and other related areas of parish life.  This committee is responsible for such things as assessing the needs of the parish community, providing parish retreats, missions, days of recollection for different groups, and so on.  They also attend to such questions as how the parish is going to celebrate the liturgical seasons. Thus, the liturgy is seen to be more than a Sunday morning ritual:  it is the common prayer of the community and, as such, it must both flow over into people’s personal and social lives.  This committee should also be in close contact with two other areas of parish life:  education, and peace and justice.

Active participation in the liturgy was one of the guiding principles of the liturgical reform after Vatican II.  The revision of texts and the promulgation of new rubrics was a comparatively simple matter.   It is quite a different matter to develop the corresponding attitudes and acquire a sense of ourselves as a people, a community, the work to which the liturgy committee contributes.  Would you like to help?


  • A desire to engender active participation in the liturgy so as to foster growth as a Christian community;
  • An interest in any area of the above;
  • A willingness to dialogue with others in coming to decisions;
  • A willingness to help in executing decisions;
  • Ability to attend a monthly meeting.

Contact:  Sr. Mary Schoberg (631-744-2609, ext. 4) or