Lector Schedule 7.18 - 9.18

Lectors who proclaim the readings help the congregants to embrace the Word and let it change them, forming them into more perfect images of God for the sake of our world.  Made present to them in the proclamation of the Word, Christ animates their conversations, encourages their hearts, strengthens their minds, and sends them to be ministers of the Word in the world. 


  • A comfort level in speaking to a group
  • Ability to proclaim, not just read
  • Attend a training session given by the diocese
  • Learn the Lectionary: it’s structure, theology, cycles and mandates
  • Familiarity with scripture
  • Prepare readings: it’s not how many times you’ve gone through them, it’s how well the readings have gone through you

Contact:  Chris Weilandics 631-696-5013 or cwru80@optonline.net