Becoming Catholic

  • Are you thinking about becoming Catholic?
  • Are you not baptized but are now seeking a Church family?
  • Are you a member of another Christian faith who is seeking to learn more about the Catholic Church?
  • Are you a baptized Catholic adult, who has not received First Communion or been confirmed?

Many reasons bring us to seek out a church community — a feeling that something is missing, a crisis, a major life change, or the gentle encouragement of a friend or family member.  Whatever your reason, we welcome you and look forward to your becoming a part of us.

Becoming Catholic is a process that is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).  This is a process that involves:

  • study of the Sacred Scripture, Catholic teaching and practices, and Christian morality and values;
  • time to deepen a life of prayer and a closer relationship with Christ;
  • time to get to know a local Catholic community. 

Participants prepare for the reception of the sacraments, and for a whole new way of life.

Ask Catholic friends and neighbors about their Church. Go with a Catholic friend, family member or co-worker to Mass. Ask questions.  Let the priest know that you are thinking about becoming Catholic and ask him how you might go about it.