CARITAS (Christians Against Racism in the Apostolic Spirit) was formed to promote the message of inclusion and acceptance for all. Many of us were concerned about the resurgence of hate groups in our society that would seek to attack and belittle people from other countries, those of different creeds, and people of other races.

Fr. Ron Richardson is our Spiritual Director. He leads us each meeting in a Lectio Divina format.  We read the Gospel for the coming Sunday and reflect on it and share our inspirations.

We then discuss various reading on the topic of racism and plan educational and spiritual events for our parishioners.  We conclude our meetings by returning to the Gospel for a final reading and reflection and see how it applies to our project.

Last year we presented a Seminar on the theme of THE SHADOW OF HATE which traced many “different” -Jewish people, Chinese, Japanese, Catholics, and blacks. We also joined with Christ Church in Coram to expand our perspectives.

Meets first and third Wednesday of the month 10-11:30 am, at the Parish Center from September through the middle of June.


Contact: Mr. John J McNamara 631-744-2609 ext. 2 e-mail: